Let`s get united against FLOOD!!!

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I would like to take a moment to reflect on the current situation of flooding in our country.  It is often in times of crisis that we see the best (and sadly sometimes the worst) in people and this past week has been no different.

https://i1.wp.com/www.insiderfortunes.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/Australia-queensland-flood.jpgHearing the reports of heroic rescues and sacrifices in which one person secures the life of another ahead of their own, touches our inner most core.  That part of us knows the true nature of love, that non-egoic, unselfish and divine essence that we all possess.

Although as a nation we are facing such a devastating situation, on a personal level, let’s take this opportunity to weave into our daily lives this example of sacrifice and generosity, by looking at the small things we can do to enhance another’s life.  Perhaps make someone a cup of tea, offer a genuine compliment or kind word, give up our seat on the train or bus for another or any inspired action that is done without the need for anything in return, including the need for a thank you.  If done without expectation, it is coming from that deepest aspect of you, your soul being.

In the meantime, please keep in your thoughts the people and animals affected by this event and send them light.

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While you are searching for business directory you will observe that there are two different types of listing, one type of business directories allow you to list with them for free that is known as free directory, and the other type of directories charge you to add your link to their sites which is called paid directory. Although you should pay for this service but you will increase the viewers of your listing.


TradieFinder is an online interactive trades and services directory, putting online customers in touch with tradies onsite using our unique SMS communications service!  For our Tradie members, TradieSpace is a networking platform for businesses to interact and grow their customer base and job opportunities.

TradieFinder uses a unique geographic information system (GIS) which means that customers are only recommended tradies who wish to service their suburbs.  For tradies listed with TradieFinder it means we find jobs for you in areas you wish to travel to.


TheTrdiefinder.com is one of the leading and popular business listing sites which not only has all the advantages explained earlier but also it gives you:

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• Business listing your business to take all of the business listing advantages now.

Highlighting the benefits of enlistment can be continued and never end because the list goes on and on. The desire of every business man is to see his or her business grow. And that’s why you should take the advantages of every opportunity. The online business directory listing in Tradiefinder.com provides you so many of these advantages.It is in the desire of any company to take all the advantages.

TradieFinder is an online interactive trades and services directory, putting online customers in touch with tradies onsite using our unique SMS communications service!Tradiefinder is a best Australian business listing site .


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The Facelift

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Notice something different? A lot has changed – both our blog and website have undergone change. We’ve listened to you and have gone back to the drawing board to come up with a whole new look for the website! We’ve created a new colour scheme to make the pages pop. The new and improved TradieFinder is looking and acting better. Some noticeable changes include; incorporating a Quick Search function so customers can find businesses faster and more accurately and re-categorising the industries in which businesses are listed – we have also added a tab where customers can find the service they need according to the stages of renovation. Pretty cool, huh? Another huge change is the business advertisements – we’ve made a few changes to make the ads look even better. Within each ad, we’ve added a section for customers to write some details about the job so businesses can know more about the work before they quote. It’s just another way TradieFinder is constantly improving to and stand out from the rest!

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A Year in Review

December 1, 2010 Leave a comment

2010 has certainly been a year of growth and achievement at TradieFinder. As we look back in amazement that another year has flown past us, we reflect and review the passing year and make new resolutions for the upcoming one.

This year has been monumental for us – we have launched TradieFinder into the online stratosphere! We’ve seen hundreds of businesses sign up for the unique TradieFinder service. We’re thrilled that our first customers used the service and have been more than pleased. The TradieFinder team have been developing further features. We’ve upgraded and improved areas of the website to make it more user-friendly. TradieFinder has seen some growth in staff numbers with the introduction of a Business Relations position, the expansion of our tech team and we now have new designers and developers on board. And, of course 2010 has seen the beginning of our popular newsletter. Watch out though, our Plans for 2011 are even bigger than that of 2010!

What to expect in 2011 – TradieFinder is currently under construction (behind the scenes) and will be launching its facelift. The new and improved website is going to look very fresh and will be much easier for businesses and customers to navigate. In 2011 you will also see TradieSpace undergo change with added features and networking opportunities. TradieFinder has had a wonderful, busy and exciting 2010 and is looking forward to unfolding the hard work 2011 will bring.

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Save Time. Save Money.

November 16, 2010 Leave a comment

We all know that time is money – especially in our industry! TradieFinder has a few tips for you to save on both. Firstly, it pays to ensure you always have sufficient stock levels in your vehicle of tools and consumables used on a daily basis. There is nothing more frustrating or time consuming than having to drive back to a shop to get something that you need to finish a job. Having an organised vehicle and planning your jobs is vital to making sure you’re not wasting unnecessary time travelling to get supplies.

There are many specialised products that can really save you time. For example, there are several products for painters to use such as roller spinners/roller squeegees that remove a majority of the paint from the roller before even starting to wash it out. Brush cleaners/combs will also save time and make sure that the equipment will last longer than just one job.

It may even pay to sometimes select application tools that meet your quality standards, but can easily be disposed of at the end of the job. Perhaps that is worth more to you than the time required to clean out tools at the end of the day.

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TradieFinder LOVES..

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We’re constantly finding products, ideas and services that we just love. So, we thought we’d share them with you. TradieFinder LOVES…

8,000 Tradies fans on Facebook
Tool Log
Builders & Tradies Radio
Handyman Magazine
Home Hardware DIY videos
Bunnings Hardware sausage sizzles
Shur Line Brushes

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Online Equipment and Tools

October 21, 2010 Leave a comment

TradieFinder appreciates and understands how efficient the internet can be – heck, our whole business is online! We encourage tradies to use online services as much as possible to help you save time. We’ve found some great websites for you to purchase equipment and tools online at very competitive rates. Our top rated Australian sites are:   Online equipment and tools
Hardware Fast
Get Tools Direct
Just Tools
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